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The Sensa today

Il corteo storico oggi
The present ceremony

After the fall of the Republic, Venice continued its special relationship with the sea: this explains the Festa della Sensa.

The ceremony is obviously not as magnificent as in previous centuries. A touch of historic re-evocation has been introduced, but the symbolism of the mystic marriage to the sea is still evident and is certainly still valid today.

Il sindaco effettua il lancio rituale dell'anello
On Ascension Day, the Mayor of Venice, civic dignitaries and religious and military representatives leave Saint Mark’s Square and sail to the Port of S. Nicolò where the ritual ring throwing takes place.

Un'imbarcazione del corteoThe water procession

They row from Saint Mark’s to Lido and the civic authorities are accompanied by a horde of vessels belonging to the major Venetian rowing clubs and representing the very birthplace of traditional Venetian rowing.

Here tradition merges with the contemporary, although rowing is now a sport and leisure activity.

Il corteo storico
The vessels form a wing to the historic cortege with the rowers in costume re-enacting the past splendour of Venice.
Other festivities

After the ritual throwing of the ring and a laurel wreath in memory of those lost at sea, the procession disembarks at the Church of San Nicolò del Lido, where a solemn religious ceremony takes place.

A Sensa market takes place in the church grounds and in the afternoon a gondola regatta closes a day full of festivities.

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