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The Salute today

La autorità percorrono il ponte votivoA magic atmosphere

Those who are in Venice on the day of the Salute can experience a sincere and heart-felt atmosphere that is religious without being bigoted and is closely connected to the history and tradition of the city.

Lengthy queues of people crossing the votive bridge and reaching the majestic Church of the Salute on November 21 bear witness to the city’s intense relationship with the Madonna to this day.

Il ponte votivo

The votive bridge

Il ponte votivoEvery year for the Salute, a temporary bridge is built on boats crossing the Grand Canal, connecting the area of San Moisè and S. Maria del Giglio (in the Saint Mark neighbourhood) with Longhena’s basilica (in the Dorsoduro neighbourhood).

L'accensione dei ceri alla Salute
Tens of thousands of people make the pilgrimage to pay homage to the Madonna and to light a candle asking her to keep them in good health.


Palloncini davanti alla chiesa della SaluteBetween the sacred and the profane

Even nowadays the festivities surrounding the Salute offer a mixture of emotions: on the one hand is the sincere religious sentiment and on the other is the more secular and playful side.Banchi di dolciumi fuori dalla chiesa

The procession of believers lighting candles to the Madonna passes stalls selling sweets, coloured balloons and toys: the two aspects of the festivity are thus perfectly entwined.


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