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The various competitions

 The champions regatta in "gondolini"

Regata dei campioni su gondolini

It is one of the most eagerly awaited sporting events of the year: the best-known rowing champions compete, having been chosen from a long and complex selection in August.

The competition is for gondolini, agile, quick boats used only in this regatta. Given the boat’s characteristics, what you need are: natural balance, innate technical ability for the stern oarsman and great strength for the front oarsman, plus a pinch of cunning and a profound knowledge of the currents.

For all these reasons it is not unusual to see rowers in their fifties triumph in this competition: experience often has the upper-hand over physical strength.

Caorline in garaRegatta in "caorline"

Those taking part in this regatta are the rowers excluded from the gondolini competition.

The boat is heavy and powerful, reaching the speed of a motorboat thanks to its six rowers.
I regatanti su una caorlina
The crew is made up of six athletes who traditionally represent a neighbourhood of the city or the estuary.

La Regata delle donne, dipintoWomen’s regatta in "mascarete"

The first evidence of a women’s regatta dates back to 1493, when in honour of Beatrice d’Este, the wife of Ludovico il Moro, a rowing race among fifty young maidens was organised.

La Regata delle donne
In the following centuries the women’s regattas continued to be popular until falling into disuse at the end of the 18th century.

Una regatante
The women’s regatta definitively entered the regatta programme in 1977, reawakening a new and healthy interest in rowing, which thanks to this competition has found a new lease of life and development.

Regata dei giovani su puppariniYoung rowers' regatta in "pupparini"

The bright young things of Venetian-style rowing battle it out in this regatta which crowns the best young rowers (14-18 years old) of the estuary and offers positive indications for those who could go on to be future rowing champions and take part in the most prestigious races.

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