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Venice is a city of ancient history, with a Town Centre, unique in the world, which saw important transformations and changes in the last century. The large industrial area of Marghera, the vast agricultural area of the Coast, the most important commercial port of the Adriatic, the airport, third in Italy for transferring passengers, has deeply affected the delicate earth – water relationship of the city.

In Venice tourism and commerce, industry and handicraft, fishing, agriculture, services, high-tech service industries, must often deal with the relationship between past and present of the city with the prospects for a sustainable development.

The safekeeping of the extraordinary and fragile eco-system of the lagoon must relate to the needs of the economic development of the territory, on the basis of parameters which, given the unique environmental situation in which it operates, must be carefully defined.

Covering different development processes of a social reality and territory that are so unique, to administer a community of citizens with needs that are so different and often strongly in contrast between themselves, means that each intervention put in place by local public administration must necessarily have original characteristics.

THE CITY IS GROWING (projects completed or being carried out)

il Parco di San Giuliano
(San Giuliano Park)
il Parco di San Giuliano

In 1990 the Venice City Council began its international competition of planning “A park for San Giuliano” to gather new ideas for the resolution of some problems which were affecting the lagoon environment and the city.

Mestre and the mainland
Mestre e la Terraferma

The geographical position has made Mestre an important traffic centre from and to Venice in the past.

il campo trincerato di Mestre
(the entrenched field of Mestre)
campo trincerato di Mestre

The aim of this section is that of showing engaging images of the entrenched forts, doing justice to some of the architecturally admirable buildings, which for too long have been hidden from the view of citizens.